8-Player Sho-Me Smart Light Buzzer System


8-player electronic lockout system




This 8-player Sho-Me Smart Light is great for schools and other customers for use during practice sessions, in-school & tournament competitions, even as a backup for other competitive events.

PORTABLE Electronic lockout system. Comes with unique carrying bag.

FLEXIBLE Automatically resets after 2 seconds. Plugs into any 110 volt outlet.

EXPANDABLE Expands indefinitely to allow as many players as needed. Great for practice sessions with all members of the team.

WARRANTY One year manufacturer’s warranty on defects in material and workmanship, assuming normal use.

USED NATIONWIDE Hundreds of schools and other customers across the nation use Sho-Me Smart Lights for in-school and tournament competitions and practice sessions.

ECONOMICAL Each system includes all lights, connectors, ring-in devices, an adapter, and carrying bag. The 10 player system includes two red light bars, two blue light bars, and a four-foot extender. The 8-player system includes two red light bars, two blue light bars, and two four-foot extenders.

Hurry now to order your Sho-Me Smart Light. Smart Lights are NOT shipped on approval.