Elementary Tossup Sample Questions

Question #1
Potpourri – Sports/Games
Q. In this children's game, all cards are dealt to the players. The player who slaps his or her hand on the jack wins the game. Name it.

A. "Slapjack"

Question #2
Science – Anatomy
Q. With which of your five senses would you experience the sound of music?

A. hearing

Question #3
Literature/Language Arts – Novels
Q. Give the author of the books "Henry Huggins", "Ellen Tebbits", and "Otis Spofford".

A. Beverly Cleary

Question #4
Math – General Math
Q. Divide 496 by 3 and state your answer including the remainder.

A. 165 remainder 1

Question #5
Math – General Math
Q. Find the sum of 47, -23, and -14.

A. 10

Question #6
Potpourri – Art
Q. To what craft are these terms related? pearl, cable, needle, rows, ply

A. knitting

Question #7
Social Science – US Geography
Q. What American monument has the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt carved into the side of a mountain?

A. Mount Rushmore

Question #8
Science – Earth Science
Q. Anthracite is a valuable form of what?

A. coal

Question #9
Social Science – US Geography
Q. In what US state is Pearl Harbor located?

A. Hawaii

Question #10
Literature/Language Arts – Grammar
Q. They modify verbs and adjectives. What are they?

A. adverbs