Varsity Bonus Sample Questions

Question #1
Social Science – Government
Q. Here are some legal terms, all beginning with the letter “l”.

1. obligation to do or refrain from doing something or an obligation to pay money owed  1. liability
2. to linger illegally in a public place for no reason      2. loiter
3. a person whose job is to pass laws favorable to their or their employer’s interests  3. lobbyist
4. a grant of permission to legalize a certain thing such as the right to drive a car or hunt or fish    4. license

Question #2
Potpourri – Art
Q. I will give you some facts about a famous painter. Give his name.

1. This French impressionist painted “Haystacks” and “The Bridge at Argenteuil”. 1. Claude Monet
2. This US painter and illustrator is known for the covers of the “Saturday Evening Post”. 2. Norman Rockwell
3. An Italian, this painter did “The Annunciation” and “Last Supper”. 3. Leonardo da Vinci
4. This French pointillist painted “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grande Jatte”. 4. Georges Seurat

Question #3
Literature/Language Arts – Novels
Q. Published in 1951, it was the first novel of JD Salinger.

1. Name this novel. 1. “The Catcher in the Rye”
2. What 16-year-old boy is the story’s main character? 2. Holden Caulfield
3. To what prep school did he go? 3. Pencey
4. Who is his sister? 4. Phoebe Caulfield

Question #4
Potpourri – Theater
Q. How dramatic! Identify each of the following pertaining to the theater.

1. When the cast takes their bows at the end of the performance, is applauded, and then is reintroduced to the audience, it is known as this. 1. curtain call
2. The practice sessions for a play are known as what? 2. rehearsals
3. It is when a character speaks as if he’s talking only to himself, but is overheard by other characters. 3. monologue
4. The notice to actors for the auditions for a play is known as this. 4. casting call

Question #5
Math – Algebra
Q. Consider a line represented by the equation 6y plus 3x equals 5.

1. What is the slope of the line? 1. negative 1/2
2. What is the y-intercept? 2. 5/6
3. What is the x-intercept? 3. 5/3
4. What is the slope of a line perpendicular to the line represented by the equation? 4. 2

Question #6
Literature/Language Arts – Novels
Q. Isn’t it novel the questions we ask?

1. During what war does James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Deer Slayer” take place? 1. French and Indian War
2. “While My Pretty One Sleeps” and “All Around the Town” are the novels of what prolific American author? 2. Mary Higgins Clark
3. Which Anna Sewell novel is told from the perspective of a horse? 3. “Black Beauty”
4. How many sequels did Arthur C. Clarke write to his novel “2001: A Space Odyssey”? 4. three

Question #7
Science – Chemistry
Q. What nitrite corresponds with each of these chemical formulas?

1. KNO3 1. potassium nitrate
2. Ca parentheses NO3 parentheses 2 2. calcium nitrate
3. NaNO3 3. sodium nitrate
4. NH4NO3 4. ammonium nitrate

Question #8
Social Science – American History
Q. Name these things in American history starting with the letter “t”.

1. What portion of the declaration of war against Spain in 1898 indicated the US would not annex Cuba? 1. Teller Amendment
2. A government ruled by religious leaders such as early Massachusetts Colony is considered a what? 2. theocracy
3. In 1924, the Secretary of Navy and the Attorney General resigned during what scandal involving oil leases? 3. Teapot Dome Scandal
4. What number amendment to the US Constitution was ratified May 7, 1992? 4. 27th Amendment

Question #9
Science – Astronomy
Q. Name the four largest moons of Uranus.

1. Ariel
2. Umbriel
3. Titania
4. Oberon

Question #10
Math – Algebra
Q. What is the value of the following factorials?

1. 15 factorial all over 14 factorial 1. 15
2. zero factorial 2. 1
3. 9 factorial all over 10 factorial 3. 1/10
4. 1 factorial 4. 1