Another Scholar Bowl Year Completed!

We would like to congratulate everyone on another successful year of scholar bowl competition.  Here at Triple Q Questions, we are already gearing up for the 2018-2019 school year.  We are already taking orders so be sure to get your name in the production schedule early!  Just let us know what you will need for next school year.  You can place a “tentative” order until you can get a purchase order if necessary.  We will work with you!

What’s new at Triple Q Questions

We are working hard to improve our services to you.  We will be updating more of our practice books over the summer.  And we are always adding new questions to the database.  We are trying to improve the quality of our questions, and from the feedback we have been receiving, we are making a lot of progress in that area.  While you enjoy your summer vacation, we will be behind the scenes getting things ready for another school year and your question needs.

Custom Orders

We can customize your scholar bowl questions to meet your needs!  We already produce many state formats and several area formats.  If you have a specific format, feel free to let us know what you need.  Our new database makes these projects easier than in the past and we would love to provide you with the questions you need in the format you need them!

Delivery Options

We can deliver your questions to you by mailing printed copies via USPS, email, or we can provide the questions on a disc in Word format.  If none of these options work for you, let us know what your preferred method would be and we will see if we can accommodate you.

As always, Triple Q Questions wants to provide you with quality scholar bowl questions and practice materials!  Have a great summer!